Why Tutoring?

Why Tutoring?

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The road to academic success can be exasperating for students struggling to develop effective strategies to read, write, think critically, or even stay organized. Does your child seem to get it in class, only to come home and feel lost and frustrated? Do you find yourself criticizing your child’s study habits? Are you looking for someone to mitigate scholastic anxiety?

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Individual instruction relies on communication and trust, and simultaneously builds confidence in even the most reluctant students. At Brooklyn Bridge Tutors, we will design a learning strategy specifically for your child, based on his or her learning style. As an experienced educator, student advocate and counselor, the director of Brooklyn Bridge Tutors, Jill Di Donato, often works with students who have learning differences and school-related anxiety, as well students who just need a little boost in self-confidence.

Students who’ve worked with Jill have gone on to attend premiere NYC middle and high schools, from private schools to exclusive-entrance public schools like Stuyvesant, Hunter, Bronx Science, NEST + m, Beacon, Bard, and LaGuardia as well as top colleges like Brown, Mount Holyoke, Columbia, Barnard, Princeton, NYU, Northwestern and many more!

About Jill: Jill Di Donato is a writer and educator in New York City. Her debut novel, Beautiful Garbage about the New York City art scene in the 1980s is available on Amazon. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Liberal Arts Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology and teaches fiction and nonfiction workshops in Barnard College’s Pre-College Program.

In 2006, she founded Brooklyn Bridge Tutors, a holistic approach to learning that offers individual student tutoring, student advocacy, small writing salons, parent seminars, as well as expert guidance in the middle, high school, and college entrance process. As a learning expert with pedagogical training from Columbia University’s School of the Arts, Jill has over 10 years experience in student advocacy and offers a holistic approach to learning. What does that mean? She will work individually with a student to diagnose his or her learning style and tailor an approach that meets each student’s needs. She uses a mindfulness practice to help students alleviate academic anxiety, and has piloted writing programs that activate agency through the discovery of voice.

Her services include subject tutoring, (fluent in private and public school curriculum grades K-12) essay writing support, standardized test preparation, (state tests in math and ELA, ISSE, TACHS, SSHAT, SAT I and II, ACT) study skills, academic advisement, school entrance support and counseling, as well as mind-body strategies to relieve academic anxiety. She is an expert in working with students with learning differences and disabilities, and maintains strong relationships with parents, school administrators, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and community outreach programs.

To consult with Jill or to schedule an appointment contact didonato.jill@gmail.com or call 917.655.8290